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South Korea, the United States, Japan, three countries Used Car History information Services Operational Status

1. Of information asymmetry in the used car market and adverse selection

Used car market is a structural phenomenon of information asymmetry exists.

The seller of the market structure and the distribution of products, while consumers are familiar with such information about the relatively unfamiliar phenomena ranging says. The import of such information asymmetry is adverse selection problems.

Select the station said that the wrong choice. For example, you decide to choose a vehicle accident it turned out later, was getting tricked into thinking the vehicle selected is not the same as adverse selection.

Consumers who choose this station from the market, then do not trust, or rather it is that yeokyiyong.

If you are trying to dispose of your car is in good condition, very good quality in the market to sell, if the car does not sell to a relative or friend, anti-state body does not know if the car is not very good in the market is the same logic that's being bought.

The theory of information asymmetry in the United States was proposed by Professor George aekeol rope. At the core of the theory,

Select the station to asymmetry of information, import,

This adverse selection eventually leads to distrust in the market,

Degradation and the collapse of the market in the long term is that you can get to.

Professor Ke-color print of a response to this phenomenon of economic agents in the market have to come up with something countermeasures insisted. His theory is accepted as valid until the Nobel Prize was given.

Allay concerns about adverse selection schemes give you one example, the market for distribution in the transparent disclosure of information about the product and for better quality assurance system are the same thing. Recently the spread in circulation market, enhance consumer and product information on the mandatory notice of the increase will be one of the systems. The purchase and sale of used cars in the Automobile Management Act with regard to the duty of disclosure rules by default (Article 58) and the details about this again and enforcement regulations (Article 120) stipulates in.

2 current Performance status Record Check Of the system Margin

Above Law Regulations According Used Cars In the market for sale Checking the status of performance records Mandatory Issued by Which The degree Place Hold Go Is introduced early in the Bullshit Check the performance of the Case Common Still Is perfect Which The degree But In the field Performance status Check the records of the Substrate Strictly Try The Check the subject and Contrary ProductState Good To express The Seller Side Each other To conflict Phenomenon Frequently Happens That Look Past Contrast Gin Daily one Is a result Which Will the performance, and check its status register Institution The introduction of the In the early days By inspectors Seller Side of the In order According Rough rough Check the contents Was listed Nothing Are Had This is because.

To interference with Despite Current Performance, and check its status register Islands in the Some Branch Radical Limitations Is in check Objectivity and Check the Area It is First Check the Objectivity Let's, however By inspectors Product State Objectively Attempt to mark To Chart By default, the It The Check fee Paying The Sponsors (the seller's) are. Inspection fees From them Subject In position ScheduleLevel More than Strictly Evaluation And Substrate To Difficult inspectors also Profit To pursue Operators Is Because of Appropriate In line Compromise Try Which Possession That Especially this By the commissioner Groups Done Collective Pressure Applied All Case Only the principle To adhere Difficult Capital There Will

And Single The limit Check the Is an area with eyes Show Present State Only Check And Note Give Because Because Are. Apparent I think Show Driveway And a few Service History Different Case Quality status Differently To be evaluated Number There The current Performance. Award Womb Department inspection records Such Service history Identify Number No Will have inspectors Ever so AttentionLean Check To Chart To determine the Bet Difficult Accident And Repair History There Number There Such Points Present Under the system Accurate Identification And Bulletin Difficult Place limits Which Number Have

Three complementary means of ^ You need car Service information History of the Offer

Check the performance of the Sponsors and Between inspectors Concerning Check the Objectivity Some Threats Be Possession Or is Check the In the area Article Han In the Top Look Saw what Measures Is there? Ingangwan recorded The occurrence Expected Conflict is Because of This The Measures Mutual Relationship Non- Institutional and structural To Be Be desirable Will

Think Number The Alternative Check the target Automobile Service And Accidents of history Is provided. Activities And Accident History Objectively Presented Be Number If the Sponsor Such Objectively To be presented Facts (facts) to Contrary In the direction of To inspectors Contents list Mitigate or Change Line That Not required Not Be Will also Inspector Visual or Ear Light Sense Rely The Check theLimits Out Accident And History of service Presented Content With reference Hyeolssin More Objectively Exactly Performance on the state The Check Log Write Number So Be Will human relations and Feelings According Is influenced Case Most Be swept away Number That Will

To check the health records The Complementary in terms of Was introduced The But in April 2003 Insurance Institute named the car history Accident history Lookup Service Developed Paid services To provide Began operating Beginning Of the information provided Reliability and Usefulness Light To About Many Questions May raise And To avoid The atmosphere Although the river Language and Culture10 years History Proud This The system Now Used Car Sales in Essential To verification Close Can.

This System By all means Need to use Or To customers History information To provide To Legally Is mandatory Neither But Most of the Dealers This System The Their For sale Of the vehicle Reliability Mortgage haejugo , And some Consumers also Band at This System Through History Lookup Year Line That Demand Itgido Have Of course Limitations Have car Insurance Subscribed Car Amount ofInsurance history Based on Information Is provided Because of Part Information That mere Problem That Will in future Improvement Be Which Challenges LA Which Will

Then Used cars The Such Objective Service history Or Accidents of history Disclosure Which To the level of Possible Will?, Or Which To the extent the Be desirable Will? Management Subject Nougat Be Do? Foreign Case What? Both Year Save Ball Value The Challenges LA Which Will here South Korea's History information Offer The actual situation Briefly Learn We Bench Should be marked Which As the target The United States and Japanese Car History information Services Operating Content Look Should.

4 South Korea Used Car history of the car

  1. Offer Service

In Korea Insurance Development Institute Management and The the car history Now Follows: Same Information Fee To provide Have Stage 1996 After History information Only This provides a Is possible Insurance And Incident on the According Collected Information This provides a Possible Limit Can.

Car Use History: rent (rental car), commercial, tolerance Light History of use Owner Change History: Owner The number of changes

Vehicle number change History: Car Number The number of changes (The first number from the vehicle Now To number)

Special insurance accident information: flooding, theft, total loss treatment Information

Accident insurance history information: information processing my car, stroke treatment information, others Applied riches Information

2) weak And Complementary That need.

Aforementioned As As the car history Car Insurance Sign up And Treatment History Have History information To provide Because of Inherent Limit There Number Out Can.

Priority Car Rental Light Net Vehicle About Privately-owned vehicle insurance Join Not Or not Or Not Not If the Many Bar, accident history The Lookup Is impossible. (Net The vehicle Average Accident rate Extremely Higher Insurance Loss rate Size Because of Insurance The company Join Reject or Car Rental In the company Premiums By excessive Privately-owned vehicles Insurance Not to join Not If the Most.

Also Because private Chart With my car Conflict or Collision, contact By assigning Vehicle Damage And Repair Was Chart With my car Damage Then the vehicle Applied vehicle Insurance Costs Paid If the In the Car Accident history Queries No Trail Not Does applying the vehicle's Even if Privately owned vehicle Repair and Damage Car Repair costs Everything As Mention Is Because of Applied only vehicles The Accident Degree To determine The Carefully Separated Repair costs Need to check Is particularly General Consumers Such Content Well Do not know Number Because Because of Principal Of the vehicle Sale City Unduly Price Cut Suffer Number The Possession Can.

Insured Costs and With regard Repair For Component costs And Only labor history Is provided Any Thinking on whether About Egg Way This Can not for a foreign car Case Minor Repair amount of money Period Back Won Costs One occurrence Jeongjak Collision, rollover Etc. Accident Non- Simple Accidental contact is Even if Are many, but General Consumers Gun Cost Amount of money Level only Report Accident That car To be considered Purchases Abandonment The Case studies RR Is a little More Concrete Of information This provides a Disappointing Which Will

5 of the United States History information A system for providing

1) Public Record Delivery system (NMVTIS / National Motor Vehicle Title Information System)

25.png image

  1. Introduction Background

2005 In the United States Louisiana and As pretty sight Made Hurricane By Catherine Last After In the United States Traffic Bureau Is flooded Be scrapped Which Vehicles Be scrapped Without Thousands Key Fallen In the United States In the Midwest Is transferred Of drying and rebuild Process After Stand a Car Is disguised Salable Phenomenon To confirm Is also Automobile Theft charges The CompaniesMost Drug trafficking, human trafficking and Terrorism Etc. Crime and Related That Fact Continuation Be identified Is this According By car from Cause That Or Cars Mediated One Criminal Prevention and Illegally Adapted or Cloned Vehicles from the Consumers To protect For Unusual Measures Is required to Is said yelled.

This 1992 along the Car Moderation Prevention Law (The Anti Car Theft Act. Process 102-519) and 1996 Grand Theft Auto Prevention Law Revision Bill (The Anti-Car Theft Improvements Act. Process 104-152) and Basic By law By 2009 On January 30 The Act The Implementing regulations (its implementing regulations (28 CFR Part 25) By To NMVTIS To build The Will

 Offer Purpose

To NMVTIS By building To the user History information To provide The purpose Priority Theft Automobile Each Shares () between the Distribution The shortest Time In the To block Will theft Information The shortest Time In the To be exposed By This Through Such Vehicles Using the Fraud Consumers and Government agencies To protect Will also Of criminal organizations Funding and Two flexible Is blocked Illegal Objective Stolen car Use Be suppressed Number There That That Such System Operating Because the purpose Which Number Is being renovated Cloned Of the vehicle Opaque Safety from Consumer Body and Life Protective As a legitimate Prices Sorghum and Vehicles Deal Which Number That Regard Information To purify To provide The That System Operations Because the purposeWhich Will

(4) information Aggregate, provide Structure

Under Government agencies and The company Federal Law Regulations Periodically 5 Item [(VIN number / acquisition / seller (the public For the purposes Limitation Use) / vehicle status (crushing, disposition, display, or other Etc.) / Foreign Exports (exports) Purpose Whether)] and Applicable Information To NMVTIS To report Is mandatory Is (2009 From March 31 Information collected Initiation).

The Of information Report Will be missed Case Opposition $ 1,000 of Penalty Forcibly Be imposed Is

  • Salvage B-1 truck docks - Junk Yards
  • Salvage, salvage cars B-1 truck docks - Salvage Yards
  • Car Recycling Companies - Auto Recyclers
  • Insurance Company - Insurance Carriers
  • Each Caution Bureau of Automotive - DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles)

(5) history of information Sale Path

Of NMVT1S Basic information NMVT1S itself By To consumers Offered To As Below 10 Car Distribution-related Specialty Services to companies Of information To provide services To delegate Is a kind of Copyright To give Is the form of these Companies Each Prescribed Marketing Means Through To consumers History information Available (for sale), and Are these Companies Over Default History information In addition Various Record Information By adding Fees By diversifying And charged Can.

Default History of information Charge the 1 per Is level • (Federal Law By Of NMVT1S Revenue System Development And Only operational Cover and For-profit Operations To exclude Are defined Can)

29.png image

2) private History information System

In NMVT1S By Offered Information That Of providing Purpose Criminal Prevention and Service safety Is directly connected Information Limited Margin The Is therefore Of the vehicle Quality and Price Decision As an element Note hagieneun Is not satisfactory Number Out Can not this According To NMVTIS By Not available That Information To collect Fee To provide In the form of Services Business model To The Employers Of body Appear Is of course Such Information To collect The Large Of the network Building And Numerous Sources with Negotiation process Go To Because of The last one Eleven Number Out Can not only Period In the Such Of information Accumulation Done Quality Capital Is therefore Now Such Car History information To provide Companies Between long-term Input andOf information Aggregate For Knowhow Retention One Company called Which Number There Will auto- Data or Carfax And Empty Audit Etc. Especially Such History information Offer In the field of Brand Power Have The Is a company.

31.png image

Over Companies In NMVT1S That receives Default History information In addition Etc. Various Record Information Acquisition, processing and This Details History information (Premium Vehicle History Report) Tues The Fee May sell To About Basic Fee Information (Approximately 1) in addition Separately Around $ 30 - $ 50 Additional Costs To pay Should.

6 of Japan Car History information A system for providing

In Japan As the United States Diverse and Concrete Car History information To provide Agencies or Businesses Not of the United States Case Wonak Of the country Large Each State Very Car Administrative Standards Different By Objective and Unified Criteria By History of information Offer This To urgent Number But Japanese Case Relatively By country As the United States Wide Without CarManagement criteria 've Been single Because Because of The United States and Same System Need Not Not Number The Will on the one hand Early To auction Via Distribution Is routine Because Because of Auction of the The score sheet Sort of Standing and history information Same Function And Because Because of Separate System To build The You's a Very Not have been Capital Not Did TheReasoning Enough Is

Also Of used cars Quality and Price Evaluation For The limitation System Own Elaborate Operates There These Through Free Flat Gaga Easy Done Quality Number The That Other System Of building The need To offset Factors And Have Which Will

Therefore In Japan In the U.S. Car History information Systems and provides Same Dimensional System Browse Ball The number of Not just He and U Similar Function The The system Is Japanese Auto auction In Council To operate Mileage Administration System It is.

1) Japan Auto auction of the Council Mileage Administration System

Japan Auto auction Council Two years to 20 degrees • Japan driving management  Council and  Liaison Council • the auction business Unified Is integrated Was formed Organization. Auction Is exhibited Of vehicles Mileage Whether the operation To identify Bet For Purpose Formed in 2002 The Japan General Insurance Association Stolen vehicle Information Data Receive offers Started In 2003, theAuction Chapter (President of bid) for Exhibit That Of the vehicle Mileage Offers Integration Management And Can.

2012 October Now Japan In the 156 W One Auction And Auction Chapter (President of bids) is This Council Is joined Can.

Latest Data But Cumulative Management vehicle Algebra 2008 In the early Already 3,000 million (in 2006 2,000 million) and Beyond Stood so Today About 5000 million More than This Council Computational Systems By Management and There That Is estimated Is currently Japanese Gun Hold the vehicle About 7500 units in If the calculation About 70% or more Of the vehicle Mileage Management andThat Which Number There Will

This The system Auction or Only auction company Use To As General Car Distributors also Members Join Mileage Tablet Information Available Number So And Is for products Car To purchase Before Or Buy Before Computerized system The Mileage Light By Do check by Deal Safety Pawn Be Number The Will

The screen capture below Japan Auto auction in Council To manage Mileage Management System Operating Overview Summary Description and Can.

On auction Vehicle If Entry Of the vehicle John won two evaluation Entry list VIN number and The actual Of the vehicle VIN number Coincides Confirmation One After Host On your computer Of the vehicle Specifications and Mileage To enter Is

Host Computer The Of the vehicle Historical process by Mileage Cumulative Is managed There The Present Mileage Display Past The Mileage Contrast Are reduced If the This Mileage Operation of the vehicle Be considered Is

This Case The The vehicle "Yuchal Export to " Forcing Being processed To exhibit One Stores Work Months Within The Of the vehicle Purchase And Exhibit To Inspector About Vocation Should Should.

Auction progress Is not But Punitive In the sense Exhibit In fee The Refunds One body Year Not Without Can.

2) Japanese Auction of the Vehicle Assessment Information

Japan Auction of the Entry Vehicles Evaluation system Mileage But As Interior and exterior of the Evaluation Ratings and Etc. Accident Car, submerged Car modification Car restoration Car Etc. Rain Normal State Everything To timely Give And Is every auction Between about Difference Since the But Exterior The Evaluation Ratings "R" or "1" rating of The vehicle Everything Acute Accident or In questionCareer That Should , And therefore Work Stage On auction Is exhibited Is awarded Used car market Passable Vehicles Of the vehicle Boy history information Cumulative management That Perceiving

Japanese Via Years Used Cars The number of transactions by 60% To auction Through Can bid for Volume of distribution Bar 60% of the The vehicle Japan Auto auction of the Council Computations The Any time Mileage and Etc. Accident Have Etc. The History Check Number Is the octopus Discussion Not That Entry to the vehicle About Auction of the Specialty Evaluation in personnel By For ratingsContinuation Of computational Are managed In fact, 60% of the As That More than Rainy Of the vehicle Evaluation Contents And History Management and That Which Number There Is below The Figures If Bo In 2011 Japanese Used Cars Trading algebra About 6450000 Is about Dual To auction The The bid After Deal The To 3.85 million vehicles About 60% And that That Egg Number , But AuctionEntry algebra About Of 6.3 million Bar, two Vehicle The Everything Rating history Of computational Storage, maintenance is Because of Diarrhea Is yuchal Other Path The Price Is Chart Driving Distance or Etc. Accident Have a Be identified Number That Management and Can.

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